What Does OE Mean on LG Washer/LG Washer OE Code

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When it comes to your LG washer showing the OE code, remember the old saying, ‘Knowledge is power.’

Ever wondered what that mysterious OE error means on your LG washer? Understanding its implications can save you time and possibly even a repair bill.

Let’s shed light on this common issue and explore what does oe mean on lg washer/lg washer oe code.

How to Drain Water from Your LG Washer to Clear the OE Error Code


To drain water from your LG washer and clear the OE error code, start by running a spin cycle.

If your model doesn’t offer a ‘Spin Only’ option, follow the steps provided to manually drain the washer.

This method can help resolve the issue and get your washer back in working order.

How to Run a Spin Cycle to Drain the Water from Your LG Washer

If you want to clear the OE error code on your LG washer, start the spin cycle to effectively drain the water. Power on the washer and select the ‘Spin Only’ option by pressing the ‘Special Use’ key until it illuminates.

Then, press the ‘Start/Pause’ button to begin the cycle. Your front load washing machine will initiate the spin cycle, helping to drain any water trapped inside. This process can help address issues like a clogged drain, hose blockages, or a full pump filter.

Running a tub clean cycle periodically can also prevent future occurrences of the OE error code by keeping your washer’s drainage system clear and functioning properly.

If your washer model does not have the “Spin Only” option follow the steps below to drain your washer.

Start by powering on your LG washer if the model doesn’t have the ‘Spin Only’ option to effectively drain the water and clear the OE error code.

  1. Check for a clog in the drain hose.
  2. Inspect the drain pump for any obstructions.
  3. Ensure the drain filter is clean.
  4. Look for any kinks in the drain hose that may be causing the issue.

If needed, troubleshoot further to address the OE error code on your LG front load washing machine.

Causes and Solutions for LG Washer OE Error

If you’re seeing the LG Washer OE error code, there are a few common culprits to consider.

Check for a:

  • Kinked or clogged drain hose,
  • Blocked drain filter,
  • Malfunctioning drain pump, or
  • Potential issue with the control board.

Addressing these issues can often resolve the OE error and get your washer back up and running smoothly.

Kinked or Clogged Drain Hose


To prevent kinks in your drain hose, ensure it isn’t pushed too tightly against the wall or obstructed by items behind the washer.

Regularly check and clean the hose to remove any lint, hair, or small objects that could be causing a blockage.

How to Position Your Drain Hose to Avoid Kinks

Positioning your drain hose correctly is essential to prevent kinks and ensure proper drainage in your LG washer, helping to avoid the OE error code.

  • Maintain a U-shaped bend (standpipe trap).
  • Insert at correct height (18-36 inches).
  • Avoid long hoses to prevent kinks.
  • Keep a straight path to prevent sharp bends.
  • Ensure no water flow restrictions occur.

How to Clean the Drain Hose to Clear OE Error

Inspect the drain hose at the rear of your LG washer for any obstructions or bends that may be causing the OE error code. Check for kinks or sharp bends, as well as blockages. Use high pressure to clear any obstructions.

Ensure the hose is securely connected. By following these steps, you can resolve the LG washer OE code and allow the machine to drain properly.

Clogged Drain Filter


If you’re facing the LG washer OE error, a clogged drain filter might be the culprit.

To address this issue, you should locate and clean the filter to ensure proper water flow and drainage.

How to Clean a Clogged Drain Filter to Clear the OE Error

To effectively address the LG washer OE error caused by a clogged drain filter, begin by locating and accessing the filter at the bottom front of the machine.

  1. Open the small access door at the bottom front of the washer
  2. Remove the cap and drain any water
  3. Turn the pump filter counterclockwise to remove
  4. Clean the filter from debris
  5. Reinsert the filter and secure all parts

Faulty Drain Pump


When dealing with an LG washer showing the OE error code, a faulty drain pump could be the culprit.

You should first consider testing the drain pump using a spin cycle to check for proper functionality.

If needed, you can access the drain pump, test it with a multimeter, and replace it to resolve the OE error and get your washer back in working order.

How to Test the Drain Pump Using a Spin Cycle

Testing the drain pump during a spin cycle is a crucial step in diagnosing and resolving the LG Washer OE error related to a faulty drain pump.

  1. Ensure the washer is switched on.
  2. Set the spin speed to ‘High’.
  3. Start the ‘Spin Only’ cycle.
  4. Listen for a humming sound.
  5. Investigate unusual noises.

How to Access the Drain Pump in an LG Washer

To access the drain pump in your LG washer and address the OE error related to a faulty drain pump, begin by locating it either behind the front access panel or the rear panel, typically mounted at the bottom of the machine.

Pull the washer out, disconnect water supply hoses, check for blockages, remove mounting hardware, and inspect for impeller damage. Clean or replace as needed to resolve the issue.

How to Test the Drain Pump with a Multimeter

Using a multimeter, you can determine the condition of the drain pump in your LG washer by testing its terminals for continuity.

  1. Refer to the wiring diagram for the correct terminals
  2. Set the multimeter to the continuity setting
  3. Probe the terminals with the multimeter
  4. Check for readings within the correct range
  5. If no reading or out-of-range reading, replace the pump

How to Replace the Drain Pump to Clear OE Error

When replacing the drain pump in your LG washer to clear the OE error, ensure you securely reattach the water supply hoses and wiring harness before testing the washer for proper drainage.

Remember to secure the pump with mounting hardware and reattach the front access panel or rear panel.

Plug the washer back in, turn on the water supply, and run a short cycle to ensure the washer drains correctly and the OE code disappears.

Control Board Glitch


If your LG washer displays the OE error code, a control board glitch might be to blame. This glitch can prevent the control board from signaling the drain pump to remove water after a cycle.

To address this issue, consider resetting your washer to potentially resolve the error and restore normal functionality.

How to Reset Your LG Washer to Fix OE Error

To reset your LG washer and fix the OE error caused by a control board glitch, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the Power button to turn off the washer.
  2. Disconnect the washer from the power outlet.
  3. Turn the washer off at the circuit breaker and wait approximately 3 – 5 minutes before turning it on at the circuit breaker again.
  4. Reconnect the washer to the power outlet.
  5. Press the Power button to restart the washer.

How to Clean Your LG Washer after Clearing the OE Error


After successfully resolving the OE error code in your LG washer, embark on cleaning the washer tub to prevent unpleasant odors caused by moisture buildup. Turn on the washer, empty the tub, and select the ‘Tub Clean’ cycle. Use a tub cleaner by pouring it into the detergent dispenser or placing a tablet directly in the tub, following the instructions on the package.

Initiate the cycle by pressing Start/Pause. Once completed, open the door and dispenser to let it dry thoroughly before further use. Regular maintenance, including checking the drainage hose and filter, is crucial to prevent future drainage issues and the reappearance of the OE error.

If problems persist, consider seeking professional assistance or contacting LG customer service. Remember, proper care and cleaning help maintain your washer’s efficiency and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Does OE Mean on LG Washer/LG Washer OE Code

What is the meaning of “OE” on my LG Front Load Washer?

The “OE” error code on your lg front load washer indicates a drainage issue with your machine.

How can I troubleshoot an OE error code on my LG washer?

If you are seeing the “OE” error code on your lg washer, you should check the drain pump and drain hose for any obstructions.

How do I fix the LG Washer OE error?

To fix the lg washer oe error, you may need to clean the pump filter or request a repair from a technician.

What does the OE error code indicate on an LG washer?

The OE error code indicates a drainage problem with the lg washer, potentially related to the drain pump motor or clogged pump filter.

Should I contact LG USA support if the OE error code persists?

If the error code on your lg washer persists, you can reach out to lg usa support for assistance or schedule a repair service.

How can I check the drain pump on my LG washer?

To check the drain pump on your lg washer, you may need to access the drain pump filter cover located at the back of the washer.

What steps should I take if I see the OE error code during a wash cycle?

If you encounter the OE error code during a wash cycle, you should clean the pump filter and ensure the drain pump is functioning properly.

How can the LG Help Library assist with resolving the OE error code?

The LG Help Library may provide step-by-step instructions on how to address the OE error code on an LG top load washer. You can check the drain pump to see if it is working properly and try running a tub clean cycle to fix the issue.

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