How we Review Products

At My Space Affair, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and reliability in the products we recommend for your home improvement and cleaning needs.

 Your living space is an integral part of your life, and we understand the significance of using trusted and effective products to enhance it. 

Here’s how we ensure that our recommendations meet the highest standards. We believed you’d be curious to learn how we pick the products you read in our guides.

We do:

Here is everything we look for before we feature a home improvement/cleaning product on our pages.

✅ Regulatory Approvals:

Home cleaning and improvement products are subject to various regulations to ensure their safety and effectiveness in enhancing your living space. 

However, it’s important to note that not all products receive approval from every relevant authority. 

Since different organizations may have varying criteria for what constitutes a reliable home improvement and cleaning solution, it’s crucial to prioritize maximum safety and effectiveness. To ensure the products featured on My Space Affair meet the highest standards, we thoroughly assess their approval ratings from ALL of the following institutions:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

✅ Meticulously Analyze User Fedback:

It could be effortless for brands to selectively send their best-performing home improvement and cleaning products, ensuring favorable reviews. 

This is precisely why, at My Space Affair, we place great emphasis on harnessing the collective wisdom of our users to form our judgments on product quality.

Our approach revolves around exhaustively scrutinizing both positive and negative user reviews for every product we endorse on our platform. 

Furthermore, we frequently engage with these users, delving deeper into their experiences, and gaining a thorough understanding of their perspectives. provide a comprehensive view of each product’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to satisfy your home improvement and cleaning needs.

Positive review example

Negative review example

✅ Examine Product Line and Brand Heritage:

You might be familiar with the famous quote, “History repeats itself. Well we firmly believe this also holds true in the realm of home improvement and cleaning products. 

Therefore, before endorsing a new product line or brand, we conduct in-depth research into their background and operations. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of potential risks associated with these products.

When evaluating a new product or brand, we leave no stone unturned. Here are some key factors we thoroughly investigate:

  • Brand and Product Line History:
  • Manufacturing Facilities and their recalls history.:
  • FDA and Regulatory Warnings
  • Place of Manufacture and Brand Affiliation
  • Transparency in Brand Changes
  • Any recent change in ownership and manufacturing processes

✅ Examine Cleaning Data & Seek Expert Approval

Prior to featuring a product on My Space Affair, our team of qualified experts diligently evaluates the manufacturing and material information relevant to cleaning and home improvement AND the usage of the product test results run by independent labs.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on garden care, organization, or general cleaning, etc, you can trust that the products and advice featured on “My Space Affair” meet stringent criteria for excellence. 

✅ Consider Specific Requirements:

We understand that different cleaning and home improvement tasks may have specific requirements. Whether you’re searching for indoor cleaning, looking for comparisons, caring for your garden, or organizing your space. We consider various factors to provide recommendations tailored to your unique needs of home improvement/cleaning.

✅ Evaluate the Brand’s Marketing Claims:

Brands often employ persuasive marketing tactics, especially in the home improvement and cleaning industry, to promote their products and services. 

We thoroughly examine marketing materials and systematically address each point to provide you with precise insights into the products and techniques you are using for your home.

✅ Analyze Pricing and Options:

We aim to comprehensively explore the pricing and positioning strategies of home improvement and cleaning products on My Space Affair.

Our commitment is to offer a wide spectrum of choices, including budget-friendly, value-oriented, and premium options, ensuring that you always have a variety of selections to meet your needs. 

✅ Research Accessibility and Delivery:

Discovering the ideal home improvement and cleaning solutions wouldn’t be complete without considering how efficiently they can be obtained. We understand that timely delivery and accessibility matter. 

That’s why we thoroughly assess delivery options, including average delivery times and costs, coverage across different regions, and return policies if you change your mind. 

Brands that excel in these aspects are given higher rankings on our platform to ensure your convenience and satisfaction.

✅ Prioritize Continuous Improvement:

At My Space Affair, we highly value your input. We provide a comment widget at the end of each article, allowing you to express your thoughts about the content.

 Every few months, we diligently review the feedback YOU’VE shared on our articles and update them as a guide to make improvements

Your insights help us enhance the quality of our content, ensuring that it remains informative and relevant to your home improvement and cleaning needs.

❌ What We Don’t Do:

Here is everything we don’t do before we feature a home improvement/cleaning product on our page.

❌ Maintain Biased Recommendations:

At our company, our dedication is unwavering. We do not accept sponsorship fees to give prominence to any products. Our primary commitment remains steadfast—to deliver impartial recommendations solely based on product quality and performance because we love home improvement and cleaning more than money.

❌ Not Commit to In-Depth Research

We always make sure to prioritize thorough research and careful consideration in crafting our articles and recommendations. We do not make recommendations lightly, and each piece of content undergoes a rigorous evaluation process.

 When you read our content, you can have confidence that it has been meticulously researched and vetted, and you can trust the advice we provide.

❌ Not Prioritize Expert Guidance

It’s very trendy these days to be resistant to expert guidance and adhere to the recommendations provided by qualified professionals and relevant authorities in the field of home improvement and cleaning. WE DO NOT DO THAT.  Instead if an authority advises against a particular approach or product, we honor that guidance to ensure the best results for our audience.

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